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21 Days with Harvest Master: Controlled room plus CO2, comparison with a standard room, CO2 'timed injection'. 110.2KB
21 Days without Harvest Master 89.1KB
20 Days with CO2 EAS: A grade 8 school project. 20 days from seedlings. An immediate repeat was required to 'prove' the results. 109.5KB
20 Days without CO2 EASi. Same project. Control plants (no CO2 enrichment) 137.6KB


User Manuals

Manual for HM Controllers 2.0MB
Manual for CO2 EASi 266.5KB
Contrôleurs de climat HM (French) 2.2MB
CO2 EASi Manuel d'opérateur (French) 68.6KB
Manual for HM Controllers (Spainish) 852.4KB


Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits of HM 100.8KB
Features and Benefits of HM (Dutch) 56.1KB
Features and Benefits of HM (French) 56.6KB
Features and Benefits of HM (German) 56.4KB
Features and Benefits of HM (Spainish) 57.0KB


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