Grow Like a Pro

How It Works


Harvest-Master is an automated grow room climate controller, that comes as a Plug n Go kit.

Harvest-Master controller devices continuously control your grow room climate to optimize your crop condition and growth time. All Harvest-Master cares about is keeping your indoor crops SAFE and STRONG in a consistent 'organic' climate.

How easy is Harvest Master to set up?               

1. Open the box. Here is the controller, temperature and humidity / CO2 sensors and switches (relays) to control lights, fans, temperature, humidity, watering. 2. Plug the sensors into “Sensor connection”. Connect switches to lights, fans, cooling, CO2 units. Connect the RCA cables to the controller sockets and plug those into the switch. Done!.
3. Plug the power in. It is now working! “Unbelievable! It IS simple!”. Set the Time, select the 'Grow Cycle' (flowering or vegetative) and let it go. 4. Your job is mostly done. Maintain nutrients and let the the machine work for you 24/7.
These examples were a school project, 20 days from seedlings

Ready to Operate!      Factory Preset!             No Hassle!

  • Scientists have researched and developed the optimum settings so that you obtain a “Great Harvest” for a wide variety of herbs, flowers and fruiting crops.
  • So easy to use. You don't need to bury your head in a manual. The “Quick Startup” sheet is adequate!)
  • Just set the Grow Cycle you want: Vegetative, Fast Flowering or Full Flowering for a perfect optimum growth climate day and night.
  • Take a weekend away and let Harvest Master keep everything in balance.It has been doing it since 2003.
  • Settings can be changed as required, but, if you are new to this,  the factory settings will give you a great result.

Self Learning Capability.      Continuous Automatic Room Calibration
  • As soon as Harvest-Master is switched on, it begins learning how your room performs and reacts. Hour by hour, learning about temperature and humidity changes continuously, all day every day.
  • This information enables Harvest-Master to understand, calculate and predict how your devices will best balance temp, humidity and CO2 for the most gentle organic growing conditions.
  • Harvest-Master makes the optimizing decisions to balance the room and ensure healthy vigorous crops