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CO2 Climate Plus

The operation of CO2 EASi.

CO2 EASi is intelligent control of CO2 and at the same time, an Intelligent Temperature controller when the COOL KIT is attached.

In Light ON periods (Day):
The controller will try to maintain Max co2 high PPM for the longest duration. It aggressively maintains the CO2 at and just above your target ppm value.

It will use COOL output to try to keep temp within 2’C/F of the Target Temperature (say 25’C/75’F).
If the temp rises too high (or there is no COOL unit), the FANS are activated at Max Temp, say 32’C/90’F.

In Lights OFF (night) periods:
The controller does not need to maintain CO2 levels.
For temperature control, automatically uses FANS as the cooling control, but will use COOL output if the temp stays/gets too high (as when the outside air being drawn in is from very hot outside)

Efficiency Monitoring.
On the display, you will see the “Efficiency % monitor”.
This unique Harvest Master feature is calculating how efficiently your room is operating!

• If FANS are activated, this is “wasted CO2 ”, reducing the efficiency.
• If COOL is activated, 99% efficiency is possible.

If you have been achieving high efficiency, but suddenly see a low efficiency rating, are;
• Door seals ok?
• CO2 device operating properly?
• Cooling unit operating OK?
What is wrong, that you may not have noticed otherwise! 

Usage monitoring.
CO2 EASi has a “CO2 bottle life” timer.
Another unique Harvest Master feature!
• When emptied, select “New Tank” to reset the timer.
• Shows “% of Last tank used”, so you know to get a new tank organized.